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Hiking Travel Accessories

Hiking Travel Accessories

We’re pretty sure if it’s your first time on a long-distance or world tour, Travel Accessories you’re not sure what to put in your backpack. You might even wonder if you should travel with a backpack (for example, you can also travel with a suitcase).

Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

Before traveling around the world, we had the impression that we could never fit everything in our backpack. Travel Accessories We were also afraid of forgetting about clothing or equipment that might be important during our trip. But in the end, we worry about a lot of things for nothing!

Hiking Travel

With the experience that is now ours, we decided to write a detailed post about all the equipment that you could take with you during your trip around the world (backpack, clothes, Travel Accessories, electronic equipment …), and we give you our opinion, so that you can leave only the essentials. Backpack or suitcase?

Hikes and Walks

For us this problem didn’t really arise with the type of trip we planned (lots of hikes and walks). It was clear that we had to travel with a backpack, Travel Accessories but that is not necessarily the case for everyone. The suitcase: pros and cons?

Travel Regularly

If you are going to a fixed location and do not plan to travel regularly, this may be possible. On the other hand, don’t think that paved roads are legions all over the world, Travel Accessories so try to imagine that you are pulling your wheeled bag down a dirt road or worse yet, a mud road. Doesn’t it scare you? Then why not!

Rental House

Personally, I prefer to carry a suitcase when p. Egg Driving a car for a week to a rental house. Travel Accessories The clothes are less frizzy and we have a better overview, but from the moment I know that I will have to walk more than 5 minutes, it is automatically the backpack that takes it off! How about backpacks with built-in wheels?

Wonderful Idea

I must admit that at first I thought it was a wonderful idea! The idea of being able to carry my backpack on paved roads and not always have to carry it between hotels excited me. Travel Accessories But I soon began to realize that this might not be the best solution. This type of backpack seems like a good compromise at first, but it’s actually a misunderstanding.


First of all, the comfort of these backpacks! Once attached to the rear, they don't "fit" well (at least for

the ones we’ve tested so far. The wheels tend to get in the way more than anything else, but the biggest

drawback is the weight. Travel Accessories This type of luggage is heavier. than a simple backpack when

empty, so if you want to start with less than 13-14 kg, the extra kilos (or more) of wheels and

reinforcements are really not worth it! And if you, like us, think about it too, that you may be using your

backpack to walk at some point during your tour of the world, I promise that you will be happy to have the lightest bag possible.

Men’s Travel Accessories

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