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Having grown up in Northumberland Outing Countries, I have long been accustomed to living in picturesque and ecologically diverse areas. I am used to the presence of busy nature reserves with a few rocks by my front door and green streets that hit with the Tree Sparrows gun. I’m used to having a garden full of frogs, visiting squirrels, and flocks of birds. and above all, I know that my daily life is completely intertwined with nature. Outing Countries Never, not once in my life, have I taken it for granted, but such things have long been the norm.

Outing Countries trips & accessories

Outing Countries trips & accessories

Advantages Outing Countries


Six months ago I moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne to be exact. A city that,

despite its advantages, is like any other: full of traffic, concrete, artificial lighting,

pubs, clubs, shops, busy streets, and transport links – all the factors that have been determined

to determine human sovereignty on earth.

The soundtrack for my days here consists of artificial sounds, as opposed to the natural ones:

the roar of the engine, the sound of the brakes, and the noise of

the basements that once walked where birds and swaying leave reign.

I can no longer hit and lose myself in fields, wetlands, or woodlands – to put it mildly,

a culture shock that upsets everything I know happily.


Outing for looking natural beauty


Like most cities, Newcastle is a real challenge for those living within its borders,

intending to create a life built around nature. Here the pace of life is more turbulent,

the movements are duller and less picturesque, the quiet moments are few and far between,

and nature as a whole seems calm – somewhat reduced by

the countless distractions caused by everyday life. So much so that those looking for wildlife

and harmony in nature are forced to adopt new habits, paths,

and tendencies to sit there and crave wildlife. Otherwise, he risks going completely crazy.



The wild places


As I lost touch with the wild places I encountered every day before moving,

I realized that the desert exists in the city.

Although it is scattered and defined by a new set of rules – away from the wavy hills,

huge forests and glowing wetlands found elsewhere, but also alive here, however.

Of these, our parks are the obvious candidate for adventure, even if they are not alone.

And the desert, in its modern form, is everywhere, ready to occupy and experience

the abandoned space that separates the railway lines from civilization. in the flower beds,

they were breastfed less than half as often as they should. And in green, crowded areas offices,

shops, and public facilities. Wildlife is found among the tombstones in cemeteries between sidewalks,

in window boxes, gardens, and solitary trees. Places I would have previously ignored,

which now keep me healthy the moment I lived and worked in

the midst of this turbulent sea of people and their creations.


Nurture and desire


Maybe we celebrate wildlife more when it is dark or with a lack of nutrition?

Perhaps we observe nature more when expectations are diminished by circumstances

and ecological horror stories about the urban sphere? Either way,

I can now enjoy the simplest wild attractions: the groundbreaking Undock,

whose nest at the foot of a lush Fuchsia street, bees visit the ornamental flowers next to my house.

and the live heads of Oxford Ragwort, which lie on broken plates and

host countless live Cinnabar larvae. Small extracts of natural beauty in the heart

of the cold, gray city captured my daily activities, which after the initial discomfort

are the emollient they nurture and desire.

Traditional sense


Now, while desert in its traditional sense is forbidden to me in my everyday life,

I had to reconsider my definition of wildlife and change the way I look at it. Here

I have to look harder and appreciate my whole life, regardless of lack of greatness,

and for that, I have to visit places I would have bypassed and ignored a few months ago.

The forgotten places, the “wild” places that host species that deserve respect and

admiration for their durability, if nothing else – carving them to life despite the great

changes happening in the landscape here.


Optimism and observation


Being sensible in the city is a matter of optimism and observation.

And life here is not so bad when you change how you see nature.

I would, if I wanted to, go out to the empty, beautiful places I felt in my spare time,

but now I’m finally not sure I will. The fearless Mintel Thrush,

the nest at the Newcastle Civic Center, and the fox roaming the streets of Heaton at night are a lot of fun.


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